Saturday, 6 September 2014

My Own Representation

UK Tribes

In UK Tribes I definitely match up to the description of being a fangirl, whenever I like something I tend to maybe become a bit obsessed with it for a time. I am a massive Les Mis fan and I fangirl over the cast of the Westend version of it (especially Carrie Hope Fletcher). Furthermore, I listen to the music from it a ridiculous amount. I am also a massive fan of Justin Bieber and am really dedicated to him. For example, I queued ten hours last year for his concert. So yes, I would say I match the description given on the UK Tribes website of a fangirl. Also, I fangirl over the The Vamps.

Media Figures That I Consider Similar to Myself
Personality wise I think that Emma Stone is quite similar to me in that way as she is a bit quirky. I wouldn't really say I'm like any other media figure personality wise, although I'd love to be like Billie Piper, she's amazing.

Do I Consciously Model Myself On Any Media Figures?

I don't know if would say I really style myself based on media figures, I probably style myself more based on characters from programmes. I went through a phase when I was younger trying to be like Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, I absolutely loved her character and wanted to be just like her. I try to shape my eyebrows like her too, I would love to look like Billie Piper. I don't know who I would say I base my style on nowadays. I suppose the people that model the new trends as they are the sort of clothes I like to wear.

My Clothes

I like wearing basic clothes a lot of the time, like just a black top/white top with jeans or a skirt or something similar. I think that you can dress basic clothes up and you can make them look casual or dress them up, if you wore a blazer with it for example. I base my style sometimes on clothes from Zara as I love their classy look. I like wearing these sorts of clothes as I think they suit me and I like coming across as quite stylish.


My phone is my most important gadget as I use it for a lot of things, for example texting, calling people and the internet as well. My iPod is probably me second most important gadget as I love listening to it and going into a world of my own. Listening to it on the bus in the morning is great too, it's a nice start to the day. I'm really not bothered about keeping up with technology, for example some people get the new version of the iPhone every time it comes out, as long as I've got the essentials I am very happy.

iPod nano purple icon


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  1. A very good self representation. Impressively done. Keep up the good work Sophie.