Monday, 10 November 2014

Representation of Regional Identity

  • Accents- Strong, harsh & hard to understand.
  • Location/setting- Either in the mountainous, beautiful highlands, or in a rough, grotty area. Also, Edinburgh is a beautiful place to live in with its amazing architecture.
  • Slang- Easy to understand- e.g- 'lassie' (girl) & 'wee' (small).
  • Clothes- Kilts, tam o' shanters & tartan clothing.
  • Pastimes- Drinking & playing the bagpipes.
  • Attitudes/behaviour- Aggressive, racist, passionate about their country, dour, tight with money, hate the English & violent.
  • Stereotypes- The Scottish stereotype is people with ginger hair, freckles and pale. They eat haggis & fried fish mars bars. They are quite aggressive in their behaviour at times, and are extremely passionate about their country. They hate the English and can be quite racist. Their pastimes include drinking and playing the bagpipes. Their accents are very strong, especially if they're from Glasgow, and difficult to understand, however their slang can be quite simple and easy to understand in contrast with the difficulty to understand their accent. The men wear kilts and tam o' shanters. They stereotypically live in either a beautiful, mountainous area (or in a place with wonderful architecture like Edinburgh), or they live in a rough, violent area.
  • In Reality- Scottish people are mostly kind, friendly and extremely proud of their heritage. They have invented many things, and some of them are very talented- in music in particular. Some of them live in beautiful countryside areas in the highlands- far from this idea of rough, grotty, crowded areas.
In TV Drama

  • Alec Hardy- Broadchurch
  • Accents- Strong & high-pitched at times.
  • Location/setting- Rough council estate areas.
  • Slang- Quite difficult to understand- e.g- Fake is plazzy, blag or jarg, old-fashioned is antwacky & shoes are trabs, trainees or webbs.
  • Clothes- Tracksuits, and the women wear tight clothes and a lot of makeup.
  • Pastimes- Football, crime, drugs & drinking.
  • Attitudes/behaviour- Chavvy, aggressive, hooliganish football behaviour.
  • Stereotypes- The Liverpudlian stereotype is that people behave aggressively, are interested in a dangerous lifestyle (for example drug-taking), don't dress smartly and are football hooligans. Furthermore, they have a strong accent and use a lot of slang which makes them difficult to people from other places than Liverpool to understand.
  • In Reality- Every city has its share of people that abuse drugs, commit crimes and behave aggressively, so Liverpool is no exception to that. However, the majority of Liverpudlians do not do any of the above. Also, most people wear fashionable, smart clothes- not tracksuits, and not all women wear tight clothes and a lot of make-up. Furthermore, Liverpool is a community-orientated city that has bore much talent- such as the Beatles. Not everybody likes football, let alone are football hooligans, and their accent is not always hard to understand.
In TV Drama

  • Barry family- Waterloo Road

  • Accents- Either you have a very posh, received pronunciation, accent if you are from central London- or a cockney, rough accent if you are from elsewhere in London.
  • Location/setting- Either a rough council estate area in the East, or a posh, modern apartment in the middle of London.
  • Slang- Cockney rhyming slang- for example 'up the apples and pears' means up the stairs. It is relatively easy to understand.
  • Clothes- Modern and fashionable, or tracksuits and trainers.
  • Pastimes- Drinking tea and visiting the Queen, or committing crime and drug-taking.
  • Attitudes/behaviour- Reserved, polite, charming and have a stiff upper lip. On the other hand, the other stereotype is that they are rough and aggressive, are involved in street crime. They are also quite street wise due to the crowded areas they live in.
  • Stereotypes- One stereotype of Londoners is that they are posh, reserved, enjoy drinking tea, live in a modern apartment, and wear fashionable clothes. The other stereotype is that they are are rough, wear tracksuits, commit crimes, are aggressive and are football hooligans (they are typically fans of Westham and the Spurs).
  • In Reality- London is a mixture of all classes, and the majority of its people are usually quite reserved. London is a beautiful city in most parts of it, but like anywhere it has its rough areas too. Not everyone either talks in a posh accent or in a cockney one, there are a mixture of accents in the city. Also, not everyone knows a member of the royal family personally. The way the Londoners dress is all according to their wealth- if people are better off they can afford to dress in a fashionable way, whereas if people do not have a lot of money they can't afford to do this. Furthermore, not everyone watches the football or is a fan of it.

In TV Drama

Sherlock Holmes- Sherlock

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